Dialogues With Divinity

Dialogues with Divinity can happen anywhere and at any time.


My dialogues occur in moments of stillness, in silence, in Now.


That is when I feel closest to Source. To Spirit. To God.


During these moments, it is as though the world ceases to exist.


There is no drama. There is no chaos. There is no noise.


During these moments, there is Peace. And Joy. And Love.


Unconditional Love.


The landscape within and around shifts…and transforms.


There are flowers everywhere. Flowers of every colour, size and shape.


I walk along a marbled footpath, marvelling at the sights. As I gaze at each flower, I already know that each bloom represents a Being on Earth.


Each bloom lovingly planted by His hand.


It doesn’t take long.


Here He is, by my side.


And I know where we are.


This is Heaven.


More beautiful than I had ever dreamed. More magnificent than I had ever imagined.


More…so much more that it takes my breath away.


Then as I walk beside my Father in the Gardens of Heaven, He tells me all that I need to know.


His wisdom is ageless, endless and profound.


I listen, humbled, in awe.


His words are my Love, my Light and my Truth.


I am His loving daughter.


I am His humble scribe.


I am.



About Alexandra

Affectionately called “Goddess” by her readers and listeners, Alexandra is author of Secrets to Divine Awakenings, a book for men and women on how to return to one’s pure, sacred, eternal self. By weaving together personal stories, Divine Inspiration and Wisdom from the Universe, Alexandra invites everyone to Live an Inspired Life, filled with Love, Joy and Peace. Each week, she posts on her website and sends out a newsletter on Living an Inspired Life.


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