What Is Divine Awakening? Secrets Revealed

Divine Awakening is the return.

The return to your sacred, infinite, eternal self.

It is the return Home.

This Home is neither of form, nor is it formless.

It is neither in this world, nor of it.

It simply is.


You may experience Divine Awakenings many times during your Lifetime.

There is no one Divine Awakening.

The number of Divine Awakenings you experience will depend on how far you are willing to travel on your spiritual path.

There is no set number.

There are no fixed milestones.


Each person is on his or her own path and no two Divine Awakenings are quite the same.

There is a favourite saying in this world: “All roads lead to Rome.”

In this case, no matter which way you go, no matter how long it takes you, no matter how you travel: All roads lead to Source. To Spirit. To God.

One way or another.

Sooner or later.

All roads lead to Source.


Divine Awakenings are like Divine Gateways; thresholds, which you cross over.

Each Awakening is simple, yet profound.

And once you have crossed over, there is no going back.

You cannot undo the remembering of your soul.

That is not something that can be wiped.

The only way is forward.

How far will you go along the path?

That is up to you.


About Alexandra

Affectionately called “Goddess” by her readers and listeners, Alexandra is author of Secrets to Divine Awakenings, a book for men and women on how to return to one’s pure, sacred, eternal self. By weaving together personal stories, Divine Inspiration and Wisdom from the Universe, Alexandra invites everyone to Live an Inspired Life, filled with Love, Joy and Peace. Each week, she posts on her website and sends out a newsletter on Living an Inspired Life.


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