How to Ease Your Suffering

When I asked Source, whom I affectionately refer to as my “Father” about Hell and suffering, this is what He had to say:


There is no such place as Hell; at least not the way you imagine it.


You see Hell as a place where you go to once you have died, if you have not lived a pious life.


What you do not realise is that you can experience Hell while you are still living.


Those of you, who live a life empty of love, of joy and of light suffer terribly. It is through this suffering that you create Hell for yourself right here on earth.


So are we destined to suffer forever, Father?


No, the decision to end your suffering rests in your hands.


And surrender is the way to ease your suffering.


Surrender is one of the secrets to Divine Awakening.


How do we surrender?


Through forgiveness.


Forgiveness is the route through which suffering can end. Forgiveness brings about peace. It allows you to let go of all the pain and hurt that you have been carrying. It restores loves and gives it space to grow.


So if we forgive other people our suffering will end?


Forgiveness is much more than that.

Forgiveness means letting go of past events, and situations. It means letting go of people, of memories, and of relationships. It means surrendering every moment, every thought, and every deed.


Doesn’t that kind of surrender then mean that we are left with nothing?


It is only through complete surrender that you can begin anew.

Letting go of everything frees you completely from the drama, the expectations and the ego. Once you have completely let go, once you have completely surrendered, the only things left will be Love and Light.


What happens then?


You experience the true essence of Being. This is your true state. One that is free from the drama, the negativity and the ego. One that is free from all that holds you back. One that allows you to finally see all that you are.


And what is that, Father?


Divine Perfection.


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