Be the change you wish to see in this world.

All it takes is Just One.


Just One is a non-profit organisation established by Alexandra to give abandoned people and animals homes for life.


“The Inspiration for Just One came with the realization that regardless of our physical forms, we are One. Every Being on this planet came from Divine Source and what happens to one affects all.”

Forgiveness Rose

When I dedicated my Life to Unconditional Love, Light and Truth, one of the questions I asked Source was, “how may I serve?”

Just One was the answer to my question.

From that moment on, everything I received, I did so gratefully, graciously and lovingly…and all that I received, I gave to love, to healing, to service.

And as I began to give back to the world, I noticed something incredible. Something miraculous. Something magical. The more I gave, I more I received. One way or another.

It didn’t take long before people around me began to notice this change. But it didn’t stop there. Soon, they too joined in. To give. To love. To serve.

We give without expectation, without agenda. We give because we can. We give because we care. We give because we love.

I am so grateful for the countless people who walk this path of giving and believe in this mission. Every person, every contribution counts.

You have the power to transform someone’s life.

Remember, all it takes is Just One.

Just One thought. Just One word. Just One deed.

Will you be the Just One?


100% of your donation brings food and shelter to people and animals in need.

Your help is received with joy and gratitude. Donations go where they are most needed.

If you would like to make a donation, please get in touch. In a bid to support ethical donations, we do not accept money generated via drugs, violence, war, human and animal trafficking. If we have reason to doubt the source of the funds, the money will be returned to the donor.