The Day I Died

Before I died, my Life’s journey had been like any other; punctuated with ups and downs, like the ebb and flow of the tide, coming and going, sometimes rising to a crescendo before descending in a giant wave.

Then, there came a time when the wave was so large, so vast, so powerful that coasting along was not an option anymore.

The only way out was to let go.

The flood of water that towered above me had been building for a long time, each drop holding the dreams, the memories, the relationships, the life situations, the attachments, the feelings, and the emotions that I had held onto so tightly all my Life.

Each drop held my fear.

My fear of uncertainty.

My fear of loss.

My fear of letting go.

My Life was so full of fear that there was no room for anything else.

There was no room for Love.

There was no room for Light.

There was no room for Truth.

I was broken.



There was no going back to the past.

There was no hope of the future.

There was just that moment.

It was the only certainty I had.

The only guarantee.

That one breath.

One heartbeat.

One moment.

So I did the only thing I could.

I surrendered.




I opened every fibre of my Being.

I let go.

And in that darkest hour, I found profound peace.

I found Love.

I found Light.

I found Truth.

No longer bound by form, I was weightless, awake and alive.

The Universe lay open before me like a book, its pages ancient and wise.

In that moment, I knew.

I knew the Truth.

“Welcome Home, child.”

I did not have to ask whose voice this was for the answer came before the question.

This was the voice that the world had heard for millennia. This was the voice that had birthed the Universe into Being. This was the voice of a thousand names.

Source, Shakti, Spirit




“Father,” I whispered.

There were so many other names I could have called out right then, but “Father” was the one that first appeared.

And truth was, there was no right name.

I could have called out anything and it would not have mattered. And later, as time went on, I did use other names.

The name did not matter. What mattered was the intention.

And my intention was Unconditional Love.

That was the beginning.

The beginning of a new Life.


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Affectionately called “Goddess” by her readers and listeners, Alexandra is author of Secrets to Divine Awakenings, a book for men and women on how to return to one’s pure, sacred, eternal self. By weaving together personal stories, Divine Inspiration and Wisdom from the Universe, Alexandra invites everyone to Live an Inspired Life, filled with Love, Joy and Peace. Each week, she posts on her website and sends out a newsletter on Living an Inspired Life.


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