Who Is Goddess?

I have been called many names.

Today, it is Goddess.

“How do I accept it?”

I put this question to my Source, whom I fondly refer to as “Father”.

“Why do you hesitate?” He asked.

“Goddess is Divine Feminine. She is Healer. She is Creator. She is Source of Life itself. She is loved, revered, worshipped, though she never seeks such devotion.”

“She gives generously. She loves unconditionally. She shines radiantly.”

He was quiet for a moment.

“Do you not see? Do you not see the Truth?”

“You are my daughter. You are Goddess.”

“Divine. Sacred. Perfect.”

“And what of the others, Father?” I asked. “What of all your other children?”

“What do you think?” He said.

The answer was already on my lips.

“They too, are divine, sacred, perfect,” I said.

“How could they be anything less? We all come from You. How could we be anything less than what we come from?”

My Father smiled.

“Spoken like a true Goddess,” He said.

“To see the world through loving eyes, to see every being as equal, as a manifestation of oneself.”

“Behold. Behold your magnificence. Behold your Truth.”

“There is no line where you end and the rest begins. All are One.”

I closed my eyes, surrendering to His words.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“I am Goddess,” I whispered.

“I am radiant, sacred, divine.”

“I am.”


About Alexandra

Affectionately called “Goddess” by her readers and listeners, Alexandra is author of Secrets to Divine Awakenings, a book for men and women on how to return to one’s pure, sacred, eternal self. By weaving together personal stories, Divine Inspiration and Wisdom from the Universe, Alexandra invites everyone to Live an Inspired Life, filled with Love, Joy and Peace. Each week, she posts on her website and sends out a newsletter on Living an Inspired Life.


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