What’s On Your Love List?

Everyone has a Love List.


What is a Love List?


A Love List simply is a list of things you Love.


Simple, right?


Yet it can take years before you are ready to list things that you Love.


Really Love.


Love without the fear of being judged.


Love without the fear of being ridiculed.


Love without the fear of being different.


It isn’t until you let go of fear that you can begin your Love List.


Your Love List doesn’t seek to match up to anyone else’s.


Your Love List doesn’t exist to please other people.


Your Love List doesn’t try to be better than others.


Your Love List expresses who you are.


Your Love List is honest.


Your Love List is authentic.


Your Love List simply is.


Some things on your Love List will always stay as they are.


Others will grow and evolve as you try new experiences, as you progress from Seeking to Seeing, and from Seeing to finally, Be-ing.


Be-ing yourself.








I have a Love List.


Everything on my Love List is a reflection of who I am.


Everything on my Love List has a story.


Everything on my Love List comes from a deep knowing, anchored in an ocean of memories and experiences.


Here are some things on my Love List:


I Love:

The look, scent and feel of red, smooth-stem, organic roses

How water kisses my skin when I stand in the rain

Sharing a pot of hot, peppermint tea with my best friends

Sitting in silence in my garden, watching birds and butterflies dancing


What’s on your Love List?




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