This Is Your Wake-Up Call

Do you ever get the feeling that there is more to Life?


Do you wake up in the middle of the night wondering what you are doing here?


Wondering if this is all there is?


And just when you seem to have the answer, it somehow slides through your grasp, ever slippery and elusive.


These moments are your wake-up call.


The call to Awaken.


They are a signal that you have had enough.


Enough suffering.


Enough pain.


Enough fear.


The reason the answer appears to slip away from you is because you are still holding on.


You are holding onto the past.


You are holding onto the ego.


You are holding onto the illusion.


In these moments, when you are shown the Truth, when you are shown the Way, when you are shown the Light, you still have a choice.


You can choose to ignore this wake-up call and go back to sleep.


Or you can choose to follow it, knowing that once you commit to Awakening, nothing will ever be the same again.


So the question is, what will you choose?


Will you choose Eternal Sleep?




Will you choose to Awaken?


About Alexandra

Affectionately called “Goddess” by her readers and listeners, Alexandra is author of Secrets to Divine Awakenings, a book for men and women on how to return to one’s pure, sacred, eternal self. By weaving together personal stories, Divine Inspiration and Wisdom from the Universe, Alexandra invites everyone to Live an Inspired Life, filled with Love, Joy and Peace. Each week, she posts on her website and sends out a newsletter on Living an Inspired Life.


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