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Accept yourself as you are

Accept yourself and start living your best life now

Accept yourself

Accept yourself

As you are

Why is this

So difficult?

Is it your physical form

That does not conform

To today’s standards of beauty?

Or is it the way you talk

The way you walk

That is the anomaly?

How long have you been

Fighting, hating, hurting

Holding onto the pain

Not enough, unworthy, ugly?

Waiting for the day

When you are finally perfect

Then, you tell yourself

You will, at last, be happy

That will be the day

When everyone will see

You are incredible, amazing

A real beauty

What if that moment were

Now, yes, now?

What if you accepted

Yourself as you are

This very moment?

Acknowledged your existence

Your presence in this world

Grateful for this

Moment, breath and heartbeat

Unapologetic, brave, worthy

Giving yourself unlimited

Love, kindness, compassion

Rather than waiting

For that ‘someday’

Opinions of others

Will always differ

Flawed or flawless

An arbitrary measure

So accept yourself

As you are

Why conform

When you are unique

Blend in or hide

When you were meant

To stand out

Celebrate who you are

As you are

There is no one

Quite like you

Accept this truth

Head up, chin high

The only self-worth metric

Comes from you

And only you

So go ahead

Accept yourself

As you are

No questions

No conditions

No excuses

Just as you are


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