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Finding peace during chaos

Founder of The Mindful Moment, Dr. Alexandra Domelle reflects on how to make space for quiet moments of contemplation even in the busiest of times.

These past few days have been eventful ones for me. My debut The Book of Now was published Amazon, and I find myself navigating this new world of book marketing and promotion.

My new website is now live, and I am learning the intricacies of online booking platforms. There are blog posts to write, messages to answer, and clients to see. Closer to home, there are terminally ill family members to take care of.

Amongst it all, it's easy to lose track of time, to not know where the day goes, to look up and realise it's nightfall. With all this "doing" I ask myself, "Where is the time for "being" for simply being present?"

And as I steal away for a few moments of silence and solitude, in the company of my quiet breaths and beating heart, the answer comes.

The time for "being" is in every moment. This is what every moment asks of us. To just be. Be present. Not lost in the past or running into the future. Yes, there are things to be done. Yes, there are things to remember.

This moment is asking us to slow down. To pause. To breathe. To be. #TheMindfulMoment

So as I write this, I slow down; my fingers no longer flying across the keyboard. I pause, waiting and watching my thoughts as they come and go. I breathe, listening to the air filling my body then leaving, with no trace they ever were.

I am still. I am silent. I am one with now. #InTheNow


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