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How meditation helps you to be a better writer

Founder of The Mindful Moment, Dr. Alexandra Domelle shares how you can use meditation as a pathway to being an authentic writer

“And there, hidden amongst the pages was a new world, waiting to be discovered.” - Alexandra Domelle

The value of meditation is already evident in improving well-being by reducing stress and anxiety, increasing productivity to enhancing interpersonal relationships.

What if meditation could also help you be a better writer?

By better, I mean a more authentic writer; one who writes from the heart, contributing stories that resonate with their inner-self. One who is content knowing that it is not so much about the number of ‘likes’ their words receive; rather, it is about reaching those who need to hear the story the most.

As someone who enjoys meditating and has the privilege of sharing her meditation space with a cat, I find that most of my writing occurs after such sessions. #Meditation helps me to be completely open in allowing inspiration to flow; I make no demands, nor do I specify the topic.

The words simply come.

Sometimes, the ideas flow faster than I can write and at these moments it can be easy to get pulled into a vortex of anxiety and self-blame for not being fast enough. This invariably shifts the balance from the calm, peaceful presence experienced earlier to a hive of chaos and noise. Over time, you learn how to spot these and become more comfortable communicating with the Universe to “slow down, please.”

Typos occur, but that is of little concern as editing will come later. This is the time to write.

Sometimes, it can be tempting to use shorthand, but there is something delicious about savouring the moment, watching the words flow from the end of your pen. This is also the opportunity to enjoy the feeling of writing, to revel in the steadily diminishing art of writing on paper, watching as your fingers carve out the letters of the alphabet, a short sentence here, long one there. It is as though you are making music with words. #TheJoysOfWriting

There are moments when writing feels like meditation itself as you pause between words, between thoughts, between sentences. Perhaps it is simply an extension of the earlier meditation as you continue to be in a state of peace and loving kindness. This type of writing, just like meditation occurs in a #SacredSpace, flowing smoothly, bringing healing to body and soul.

Thoughts are clearer, ideas sharper and the space to dream, unlimited. You are soaring over uncharted territory, weaving prose with rich strands of your imagination, knowing that in these moments, you are deeply connected to Source. This is when you are receiving wisdom. You are allowing insights. You are writing your truth.

So is it all rosy and light?

Yes, and no. You write with complete faith in the Universe, allowing and receiving what is given. This requires deep trust, acknowledging Source as your inspiration. Perhaps it is no surprise that the word “inspiration” comes from “in-spirit” meaning that you are writing with Spirit. #WritingWithSpirit

It does not matter what word you use to describe Spirit or Source, for every writer can relate to the feeling of words simply flowing, of being in that perfect moment when writing is effortless. Once experienced, this is the place you long to be in, always creating and enjoying the process. This is what makes so-called “writer’s block” so frustrating; you are always wanting to get back to the state where the words just flow but just can’t seem to find that alignment.

So next time this happens; consider taking some time for yourself, to breath, to trust, to allow. #PresentMomentReminder


And watch what comes from the end of your pen.


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