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How to feed a world hungry for love

Founder of The Mindful Moment, Dr. Alexandra Domelle shares how our awareness of the present moment affects our choices

"Everyone just wants to be loved, respected and acknowledged." - Alexandra Domelle

Every thought, word and deed is preceded by a feeling. By an emotion. By a need.

In a world seemingly overrun by thoughts, words, and deeds if you were to pause and step back from the chaos, the drama, and the noise, what would you find?

First, comes the moment of peace.

Blissful, joyful peace.

As you revel in this sacred space, you experience astounding clarity.

Thoughts that are free of judgement.

Words that are free of hatred.

Deeds that are free of fears.

You find instead, kindness, forgiveness, and love.

You begin to see your actions and those of other Beings for what they truly are.

A deep, almost insatiable hunger.

Hunger for Love.

Hunger for Respect.

Hunger for Acknowledgement.

This is the hunger that drives us to overindulge in food, drink and illicit substances.

This is the hunger that bounces us from one unhappy relationship to another.

This is the hunger that compels us to commit violence and inflict pain on others.

Such is the gravitational pull of this hunger that you may forget the vortex of peace within which you were abiding at the beginning of this article and find yourself once again being drawn back into the drama, chaos and noise occurring around you.

As you centre yourself back within your sacred space, through whichever method works best for you, whether it be deep breathing, affirmations or silent meditation, you feel the pull of this hunger less and less, until you are once again in that space of peace.

In your momentary shift from blissful peace to chaos, you experienced the contrast available to you at any time. For regardless of what is happening around you, this sacred space of inner peace, love and joy is always available to you.

And the same way you shifted from one state to another is the key.

The key to feeding a world hungry for love.

The key of allowing.

To shift from chaos to bliss, you allowed yourself to open to the possibilities of being peaceful. Of being joyful. Of being loved.

This allowing is the letting go of resistance. It is the trusting that you are safe. It is the knowing that all is well.

As you breathe, as you trust, as you allow, you give love space to grow.

Rather than seeing other beings through the lens of separateness, of prejudice, of difference, you begin to see them as part of the global, collective humanity.

Judgement, hatred and fears are suspended as you allow yourself to love and be loved.

You begin to look beyond the rigid definitions of love and expectations of physical form.

Within you is this renewed love and appreciation for your own body, your gifts, your talents and your abilities.

You are complete. You are sacred. You are divine.

And within you and every being is an infinite, eternal energy woven through every breath, every heartbeat and every moment:



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