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How to receive $1440 every day

Founder of The Mindful Moment, Dr. Alexandra Domelle shares how to be mindfully aware in every moment

“May you be grateful for every moment, ever breath, every heartbeat.” - Alexandra Domelle

Every minute is an opportunity to receive.

To receive joy.

To receive love.

To receive abundance.

Regardless of who you are, you are given 1440 minutes every day.

That’s how many minutes there are in 24 hours.

That’s how many minutes there are before the day ends.

That’s how many minutes there are before a new day begins.

If each minute were a dollar, you’d have $1440 every day.

1440 minutes to spend however you like.

You get to choose.

Every day.

Despite this abundance, how many times do you say things like, “I just don’t have enough time!” Or “I need more!”

Are you truly receiving what you are given?

Do you value what you are receiving?

Or are you just too busy living in the past or chasing the future to notice?

To notice your blessing.

To notice your abundance.

To notice what you have.

Receiving requires awareness.

Awareness that you are being given something precious.

Awareness that you are being given something priceless.

Yes, every minute is precious. Every minute is priceless.

Just ask anyone who has lost someone they love dearly. They would give anything just to have another minute, another hour, another day with that person.

Every minute counts.

Every minute matters.

Here comes the next minute.

How will you receive it?

And what will you do with it? #TheMindfulMoment


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