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Mastering the art of allowing

Founder of The Mindful Moment, Dr. Alexandra Domelle shares how letting go helps you connect with your authentic self

"There is nothing for you to do. Just Be." - Alexandra Domelle

Sometimes I'm asked:

“You talk a lot about letting go. You talk a lot about surrender. Does this mean not doing anything? Does it mean not taking any responsibility?”

For every action that you take, for every action of ‘Do-ing,’ there is a moment that precedes that.

That moment is ‘Be-ing’.

That Be-ing comes through surrender.

Surrender is letting go of your thoughts.

It is letting go of your emotions.

It is letting go of the drama to which you have unconsciously bound yourself.

Surrender helps you release the stress, the anxiety, the fear, the doubts you are holding on to. #BreatheJustBreathe

It doesn’t mean that you are abdicating responsibility.

Rather, it means that in that moment, you are completely present.

You are not tied up in something that happened in the past.

Nor are you running ahead into the future.

You are present.

You are here.

In the now.

And as you surrender, as you let go, as you allow yourself to fully be in this moment, that’s when something extraordinary happens. #SelfRealisation

You realise you are alive.

Truly alive.

You realise that you are connected to the Universe. To that which is so much bigger than you.

You realise that whatever you have been experiencing, whatever pain or drama you have been going through:

It has a beginning.

And more importantly, for you, perhaps, it has an end.

As you surrender, as you let go, you receive guidance from the Universe. #TheUniverseHasYourBack

You receive guidance from Source, from Spirit, from God. It doesn’t matter what you call this Infinite Intelligence. The wisdom flows simply because you are allowing it to. In surrendering, in letting go, you are in a state of least resistance. You are in a state of allowing.

As you allow, you receive guidance on the steps, the actions and the directions to take to help you through the situation.

To help you heal the pain.

To help you see that there is another way.

Surrender is the path to salvation.

It is the path to resolution.

It is the path to vibrating at the highest frequency.

It is the path to #UnconditionalLove.

It is the path to living an inspired life, to living your best life now.

By surrendering, you put aside your ego.

By surrendering, you give the Universe permission to help you.

By surrendering, you choose to allow. You choose to resolve a situation by approaching it from a place of love, compassion and empathy. #KindnessMatters

You choose to forgive.

You choose to let go.

You choose to give and receive love.

This is the art of allowing.

Allowing yourself to receive.

Allowing yourself to give.

Allowing yourself to #JustBe.

In this space, there is a gentle unfolding. A gentle release. A gentle blossoming of your being.

In this moment, you recognise who you truly are. You recognise your connection to everything and everyone. There is no separation between where you end and the rest begin. #Oneness

You are unconditional love itself.


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