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Founder of The Mindful Moment, Dr. Alexandra Domelle shares how to be present in the present moment

For me, mindfulness is being present in present moment. This means choosing to give attention to the space within which I am physically present.

There are always thoughts jostling for attention in our mind. These are thoughts of past events, of future plans, and of daydreams. There are emotions, memories and fantasies.

Choosing to be present means letting go of these thoughts. This means that while thoughts come and go, we choose not to engage with them.

Instead, we focus on our breath and listen. We listen to our heartbeat. We listen to our body. We listen to our environment.

Sometimes our thoughts can be so enticing that we find ourselves engaging in them. The moment we find that we are lost in our thoughts, we can gently let go of them and return to our breath.

This may mean abandoning a fantasy or daydream part way through its creation. Or it may mean that we are no longer becoming more anxious because we have let go of the thoughts that were triggering this reaction.

As we continue to stay in the present moment, we allow the space within and around us - the Now - to grow and expand. This is a sacred space that holds the answers to our questions.

It holds the wisdom we are seeking. It holds all that cannot be put into words, all that is infinite, all that is eternal.

As we stay present, we access the deep, infinite reservoirs of love, joy and peace that are always present.

Here, we have let go of the drama, noise and chaos. In this place of being, we rest, knowing that we are safe. We are loved. We are enough. And when it is time for us to speak and act, we do so from a place of loving-kindness.

Mindfulness allows us to step back and see things from a wider, wiser perspective. It helps us realise that every moment is change itself. It helps us to let go and witness the unfolding of Life within and around us.

Mindfulness is simply bringing our mind home to our body. And every moment we do this, we allow ourselves to experience joy, to experience love, to experience peace.

This is not the realm of a select few.

Mindfulness takes time, patience, and kindness. This is kindness towards ourselves as well as others.

Mindfulness does not require us to purchase expensive equipment or to travel to far-flung destinations. All it asks of us is to be. To be present.

And presence begins with one conscious breath. We can choose to be mindful this every moment be reconnecting with our breath.

Feel the air enter and leave your body.

Listen to the sound of your breaths.

Watch your chest rise and fall.

Allow yourself the space to breathe and to just be.


You are alive.

You are breathing.

Your heart is beating.

All is well.


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