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The awakening

When you are tired of the hustle and lie awake at night, listening to your soul whisper, “Who am I?”

"There is a place within you; the home of stillness, of silence, of now. The place of endings and beginnings, of everything and nothing, of infinity and eternity. It is in every breath, every heartbeat, every moment. Listen. Listen. Listen." - Alexandra Domelle

Has it all been thought, said and done?

Or are we just playing it out,

In different ways,

At different time points?

Is there something truly new,

Being discovered?



Are we as unique as we think we are?

Or simply the same code,

Repeating itself over and over?

Like the hamster running in its wheel,

Moving yet stationary.

Cut from the same cloth,

Birthed of the one Source,

Bound together by invisible ties.

You and I are the same,

In our core, our source, our soul.

And this form we take,

Skin colour, eye colour, hairstyle and height,

Where we live, what we earn, how we speak,

Then there is what we are called,

Names. Titles. Relationships.

Birth at one end,

Death at another,

Life in between.

Unique and yet, the same.


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