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What it's like to experience spiritual awakening


Allowing yourself to be undone

Completely, to sit in the

Burning fires, to drown in the

Towering waters, to be buried

Deep within the earth

A complete letting

Go of everything, like

The caterpillar having to

Dissolve completely before

Emerging as

A butterfly

As you sit in the

Raging fires, only that which

No longer serves is

Burnt away and sometimes

That means

Everything, all of you

Is alight

Sometimes you have

To drown completely

Water flooding and bursting

From every cell, every space

Until you are one

With the water

And as for being

Buried, well you can

Lie dormant for ages until

One day, you push

Your way out the

Ground, beautiful,

Tender, radiant

Buried as a seed

Risen as a shoot

The vulnerability

Being completely

Undone, of allowing

Every part of your

Being to be stripped

Away, a letting go

Of the illusions, the

Stories you tell yourself, of the

Ways you have come to

Define yourself by your

Name, your status, your

Wealth, your relationships, your

Place in the world

Everything falls

Away and there you are

Exposed, naked

Unravelled, undone

And in that

Space you rest

There is no

Rush for Time does not

Exist on this plane

Time is the ribbon that

Courses through the


Between form and

Formless, for

There can be no

Body without


So you rest, allowing

Receiving, being

One with Source

Detached from

Your body, you

Observe the

Birth of Awareness, of

Self, of I Am

The veil

Has lifted, the skies

Thinned, the illusion

No more

This is

Your Awakening

The Chance

To begin anew

Your first breath

Pulls the world

Towards you and

Everything comes

Rushing in, but this

Time round, you

Know better

The drama, chaos

And noise hold

Little appeal

Devoid of your attention

They simply

Fall away as

You exhale, letting go

No longer

Tethered, you are

Free, basking in the

Present moment

Awareness of

Silence, of stillness, of

Soul, you look

At your body, renewed

Replenished, reformed, the

Sacred temple that

Holds your soul

All is well


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