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What is inspiration?

Founder of The Mindful Moment, Dr. Alexandra Domelle explores the source of inspiration

"An Inspired Life is one of Unlimited Potential." - Alexandra Domelle

Every moment is In-Spirit.

Every moment is Inspiration.

Inspiration does not just come at an appointed hour.

Inspiration is always there.

Waiting patiently.

Waiting for you.

The source of Inspiration is stillness.

It is silence.

Silence between thoughts.
Silence between words.
Silence between breaths.

Inspiration does not demand anything of you.

It simply asks that you honour its presence.

Acknowledge its existence.

When you are inspired, you let go of the drama and chaos.

You stop holding onto the past.

You are no longer running into the future.

Inspiration is when you surrender to the present moment.

This moment.



Sometimes you mistake Inspiration for something that comes from outside you.

That Inspiration is something that needs to be found.

That Inspiration is something that only other people have.

Stories, images and emotions can trigger Inspiration only because their vibrations are aligned with your soul’s desire.

The desire to create.

The desire to experience.

To grow.

To expand.

Have you noticed how Inspiration only seems to ‘come’ to you when you let go of conditions?

Of agendas?

Of expectations?

Inspiration reveals itself when you are ready to create for the sheer joy of creating.

Of living.

Of being.

Inspiration, at its core, is love.

Pure, unconditional love.

It is the moment you and Source are One.


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