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What’s your rush?

There is only now.

So often we are in a rush, focused intently on getting from A to B.

In this drive to get somewhere, to be someone, to do something, we forget the moments in-between the two. We forget our steps, our breaths, our heartbeats, without whom our arrival at our destination would cease to occur.

In our haste, we take for granted these moments in-between, deaf and blind to what our body is telling us, to the signals we are receiving. In these moments, our bodies remain faithful and forgiving, allowing us to forge ahead blatantly.

But there are times as we continue to disregard these signals that disaster strikes. It can be a stubbed toe, a near-miss fall or even a broken bone.

Even if our body remains intact, we suffer in other ways.

These manifest as moments of forgetfulness, leading us to hunt for our keys, wonder if we turned the stove off, or locked the front door.

How often do these thoughts cross our minds, holding us as prisoners of our inattentiveness?

And what of the anxiety that accompanies these thoughts, taking our attention further and further from the present moment?

What would it take for us to realise the stress we place on ourselves in our rush?

Why should we wait until we are injured, incapacitated, or bedridden to contemplate and retrace our steps to the realisation that we were going too fast for our own good?

We can choose to slow down now.

We can choose to bring our awareness to our thoughts, words and deeds.

We can choose to be present in every moment.

In this slowing down, the easing of mental and physical gears, we come to value each moment, especially the ones in-between.

We see the world through new eyes, taking in its beauty, magic and light.

We finally realise that it was never about the destination for what matters is the journey itself.

This is what Life is.


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