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Allowing the space to be

Being present in the present moment

Whoever seeks these words

Will find them

Today, tomorrow, ten years from now

It does not matter.

Secrets live

In the pages of books

In the lines of code

In the melodies of song

These are the gifts to those

Who seek, who see, who surrender.

Lives lived through screens

Counting the likes, claps and retweets

Is the value of that which is unseen

Less than that of the seen?

A million mindless followers

Or one loyal friend

How do these compare?

A thousand voices speaking at once

Or the silent one?

More abundance than ever before

Yet you claim poorer than ever

Loneliness, isolation

Starved of affection.

Not enough love

Not enough money

Not enough time

Suffering from attachment

Fearful of the unknown.

Seeking a way out

Food, drink, drugs

Sex, screens, sleep

All short-lived distractions

Escaping the present moment.

Ironic is it not

For this moment is

The only certainty.

With the past gone

And the future yet to come

This moment


Is your only reality.

The treasure you seek

Lies in front of you now

This moment

This breath

This heartbeat

All priceless



There is no greater wisdom

Than that of the present moment

For all that happens

Happens in the present.

Where is your body

Your mind, your soul?

Awake, asleep

Present, or checked out?

This, only you can



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