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Love, Only Love: A note for every day of the year

Founder of The Mindful Moment, Dr. Alexandra Domelle shares how the “Love, Only Love” notes project was born

In January 2017, I launched my website, offering personal stories, divine inspiration and universal wisdom. As the year progressed, I had the privilege of connecting with many incredible people via emails, blog posts and social media.

Each person appeared just at the right moment when we both needed each other. Some encounters were fleeting; a kind word here, an inspiring message there. Others formed longer lasting bonds, as we continued to share this beautiful journey together.

Across all interactions, the one message that resonated most was that of Presence.

Being completely present in the moment…as Love.

Being Love itself, rather than being in love (or out of it), or being with love (or without it) is how I see this world. At our core, once we let go of the drama, the noise, the chaos, what we are left with is silence. Is stillness. Is the present moment.

And in this moment, if we allow ourselves to Be, to Just Be, we find that we are Love itself. Unconditional. Infinite. Eternal. Love, only Love.

As the months rolled by, my interactions with people continued to cement this notion. The ability to be fully present as Love is in every Being, regardless of race, nationality, gender, age, socio-economic status or any other variable.

Reaching this core, this Truth requires vulnerability, a letting go of thoughts, words and deeds until all that remains is silence.

Every person is looking for a place to belong, a place that accepts him or her unconditionally, a place that is Home.

As 2017 came to a close, in one of my meditations I asked the Universe what I could offer the world in the New Year.

The answer was simple:

Love, only Love.

And thus, was born a love note for every day of the year.

Each note is designed to love, heal and inspire you to discover the magic, beauty and wonder of Life.

Each note offers you the opportunity to be completely present, for at least one breath, one heartbeat, one moment.

Each note asks nothing of you, except for you to Be. Just Be.

Each note is for you to read, to keep or to share. The choice, as always, is yours.

May these notes be the stars in your darkest nights, showing you the way Home.

Love, Alexandra


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