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Slow down and get your best ideas

Founder of The Mindful Moment, Dr. Alexandra Domelle shares how to gain ideas that inspire, motivate and create

"In this moment, in this breath, in this Now, what is there to do, but to simply Be?" - Alexandra Domelle

Feeling uninspired?

Needing that gentle push to boost your creativity?

So overwhelmed that you don’t even know where to start?

Sometimes, you can be so busy reacting to everything that is happening around you that you lose touch with the core of who you are, this soul of your being. And it is when you stop listening to yourself, to that inner voice, to that internal guidance that everything becomes so much harder than it has to be.

Nothing appears to go your way, relationships become maddeningly frustrating, emotions run high, and it feels as though you are carrying the weight of the universe on your shoulders, and perhaps worst of all, no one seems to care.

Sound familiar?

Then start here: slow down.

Your body, mind and spirit want this so just do it. Slow down. Rather than pushing and shoving against the flow, just give in to it.

Not all of Life happens in the fast lane. Sometimes, a slow, quiet period is exactly what your body is craving. By taking the time to recover, recuperate and revive, you can assess where you are, how you are and what you are all about.

So rather than fretting about how slow everything is, take advantage of this moment to contemplate these thoughts and allow motivation to come to you.

Each one of us has that state of being within ourselves, that place of deep, profound peace. That place where everything is in harmony with one another. The place of equilibrium, of balance, of being.

This is the realm of source, the birthplace of creativity, the home of inspiration.

Make space for inspiration. You already know that she refuses to be controlled or coerced.

Pause. Breathe. Allow.

Allow thoughts, ideas and feelings to come to you.

There is no rush.

Remember, this moment is the only one that counts. Tomorrow simply does not matter.

Finding it too hard to keep still? Then do something active. Do something that brings you joy.

Joy is the key.

No, not happiness. Happiness can be fleeting, appearing quickly and then disappearing once the moment has passed. Joy is about that sustained feeling of bliss that lasts long after the activity has finished.

And as you enjoy your chosen activity, allow ideas to come to you.

Every idea has its merits. Every idea holds promise. Every idea is worthy.

Picking and sifting through ideas before they have had a chance to develop is akin to editing while you are trying to write the first draft of a story.

It just doesn’t work.

The solution?

Listen. Really listen.

Your inner guidance is there to support you. It exists solely to help you be the best you can. It spends every moment looking out for only one person: You.

So listen to what it has to say.

You may not realise it, but your inner guidance, your source of creativity, your soul (call it what you like) is the vault of your cumulative experiences, from your every thought, your every word, to your every deed. It remembers what you have forgotten, what you have dreamed, what you have wished for.

And from within this wholeness emerges ideas that inspire, motivate and create.

With such a well of wisdom within, isn’t it time you slowed down and listened?

Let’s see what emerges.


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